The Other Worldly Love

Her thirst for his love is everlasting,

His love for her is eternal…

Ever since the creation, the universe knew that they were made for each other. She rises when he sleeps and he rises when she sleeps, just to ensure the souls on earth don’t miss their love. 

He blazes like fire, emanating light into the souls of the universe setting them ablaze with his energy and vigour. At night, she brings along the cool breezes and serenity to the world, putting everyone to sleep and hovers over their dreams. 

He wishes to see her before he sleeps. She comes to him in a gown full of shimmering pearls, that he put all over the sky just to show her his presence. 

She feels lonely in his absence and yearns for his companionship. He gives her millions of pearls, spreads them all over the sky, making them glitter wherever she misses him. The shine in these pearls reflect his love even in his absence. 

Millions of mortals desire her when she shines her brightest but her shine comes from his love alone. Every night, she waits for a single glance from him. She blushes with a radiance that is brought upon from his gaze and she proudly shows the world how much she loves with her luminescence. 

Every once in a while, she shies away from him and walks away into oblivion. Thinking that he walked away, she apprehensively peeps through the cloak of darkness. To her surprise, he is standing there, staring into the emptiness, longing for her return. 

Slowly, she walks into the light of his love, leaving the darkness behind. He waits there, patient till she finally unveils herself and starts to drink in his love for her, again. She realises his love will not wash away because of darkness or rain, but remains steady and strong through time. 

Their love sets an example for the universe. Despite the distance, they will never be averse. This is the love of the Sun and the Moon.

Art inspired by the post.
©️Mosaic of the soul.

The world might wait for us to falter and sway, 

but our love for one another will never fade away.

Whether it is in happiness or when I am blue,

In an ocean full of people, I will search for you.

~Dilip Samir~

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